Camber Sands near Rye

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Camber Sands is known for its sandy beach, dunes and its flat and calm nature but there is some important safety information you should be aware of:

  • Beware of fast incoming tides – check the tide times

  • Beware of sandbars – don’t get cut off by the tide

  • Always wear clothing designed for swimming – when wet, normal clothes can cause you to sink!

  • Beware of soft sand and mud exposed at low tide

  • Do not dig deep holes or tunnels in the sand

  • Weeverfish can sting, wear suitable footwear when paddling at low tide

  • Alcohol and swimming don’t mix

  • Stay away from groynes and outfall pipes

  • Keep clear of the Harbour entrance, there are very strong currents and boats in the area.

  • Safety signs are located along the foreshore, make sure you read the information and familiarise yourself with the environment.

Speak to our Coastal Officer, beach patrol staff or the RNLI lifeguards if you are unsure.

Know your flags

Safety Flag 1 [images]

Swim, body board or use inflatables between the two red and yellow flags, this is where the lifeguards are.

Safety Flag 2 [images]

Surf or kayak between the black and white chequered flags.

Safety Flag 3 [images]

Do not enter the water when the red flags are flying.

Safety Flag 4 [images]

Offshore winds will blow you out to sea – do not use inflatables when the orange flag or sock is flying.

Visiting with children

Bexhill and Camber Sands beaches operate a wristband system to assist in reuniting lost children. Please visit the coastal office or speak to beach patrol if you are visiting with children so that we can make sure your visit to our coastline is a safe and enjoyable one.

At these beaches we encourage you to swim between the red and yellow flags, this is where the lifeguards are. Remember, your children are your responsibility. Please keep them in your sight and do not let them enter the water alone if they can’t swim or have limited swimming ability.

Located on Camber Sands beach, East Sussex – just 1 hour from South London.

The National Training Centre was established by two highly experienced BKSA senior instructors in 2007 to provide the finest level of kite surfing tuition in the South East of England. The lessons are run from our centre on the beach at Camber Sands, East Sussex, near Rye. With the experience and enthusiasm of the whole team, The Kitesurf Centre is a fantastic place to learn kite surfing or any kite or watersport.

The Kitesurf Centre is rider owned and run. Thomas and Tristan have been kitesurfing since the sport begun. They conduct or oversee all the courses and using their experience, make sure everything runs smoothly so the students enjoy themselves while having a productive lesson.